How to recover from the "Search Filter" crash bug in
Note Taker HD version 6.0

(Note: It is always good practice to periodically make a backup copy of all of your Note Taker HD data and keep a copy off of your iPad. Before you perform this "fix" operation, you may want to use the Backup All tool available when folders are being shown if you can. You can then copy the backup file it creates to your personal computer as described below.)

Make sure that Note Taker HD is not running. For example, double-press the Home button on your iPad to bring up the Multitasking bar. If Note Taker HD is in that list, press and hold and then release on its icon in that list (not above in the main home page list!). You should see a red "-" on all of the multitasking icons and they should be wiggling. Tap the "-" on the Note Taker HD icon to terminate the app execution (it should not ask for confirmation). Tap the Home button again to stop the wiggling and then once again to hide the multitasking bar.

Connect your iPad to your personal computer with iTunes.

Click on the row for your iPad on the left in the Devices section. Click on the "Apps" tab above the main area about your iPad (two over from the "Summary" tab). Scroll down to the "File Sharing" section. Click on Note Taker HD in that list. After a number of seconds or so you should see a listing of the files and directories in the main Note Taker HD Documents directory.

The file we care about here is the "notetakerHDAppSettings.txt" file. Click once on it. Use the "Save To..." button or dragging to save a copy on your personal computer. Put it on your desktop or anywhere else where you will know how to find it.

If you have a backup copy of all of your Note Taker HD data, it should show up as a file in the form "archive.dddddd.nthd" (where "dddddd" is a date). You should copy that to your personal computer, too, for safekeeping.

Open the copied "notetakerHDAppSettings.txt" file with a simple text editor. On a Windows machine use NotePad. On a Mac use TextEdit. (Do not edit the "archive" backup file!)

Find the line that starts with "filtersState:". It should look something like this:


Delete that line. That will reset all of the filter settings.

Save the edited copy of the "notetakerHDAppSettings.txt" file.

Use the iTunes File Sharing "Add" button or dragging to replace the "notetakerHDAppSettings.txt" file on your iPad with the edited one. When the copy-to-the-iPad operation is completed, eject your iPad with the button next to its name in the "Devices" section on the left side of iTunes.

Start Note Taker HD and check that the filters have been successfully reset.

August 10, 2011 12:55pm