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Note Taker HD
About the developer
This app was designed and written by Dan Bricklin
Throughout his career, Dan Bricklin has created innovative, cutting-edge products. He is best known for co-developing VisiCalc, the pioneering electronic spreadsheet released in 1979, while he was a student at the Harvard Business School. VisiCalc is widely credited with fueling the rapid growth of the personal computer industry.

Dan Bricklin is currently president of Software Garden, Inc., a small consulting firm and developer of software applications that he founded in 1985.

While Dan did all of the programming and wrote all of the app documentation, additional help was provided by others who did much of the graphic design and testing of the app. These include Adina Bricklin, who created much of the app graphic design and layout, as well as the button icons and the design of this web site, Mike Rzepka, who created most of the shape definitions as well as the app icon and many of the templates, and Michal Blaustein, who created the clip art. Many people helped beta test the product. A more complete list of people who were involved is in the app help's Other Information section.